Cornell Cognitive Studies Symposium

Statistical Learning across Cognition


Chris Conway (Cornell University)
Modality Constraints Revealed in Tactile, Visual, and Auditory Sequential Learning


Rick Dale (Cornell University)
Reliable Learning by Unreliable Means: The Role of Prosodic and Phonological Cues in Syntax Acquisition


Michelle Ellefson (Cornell University)
The Use of Parenthetical and Spatial Cues to Facilitate Learning in a Statistical Learning Task


Erin Hannon (Cornell University)
Infants' Categorization of Rhythms on the Basis of Periodic Temporal Structure


Ben Hiles (Cornell University)
Unsupervised Learning of Visual Structure


Natasha Zoe Kirkham (Cornell University)
Statistically Probable Cues Bootstrap Cognitive Flexibility: Evidence from a Task-Switching Paradigm


Gary Lupyan (Cornell University)
The Case of Cases and Word Order: The Effects of Case Systems and Word Order Patterns on Language Learnability


Reba Schuller (Cornell University)
Learning from Disparate Data Sources


Donald Thometz and Rick Dale (Cornell University)
Sino-Japanese Character Recognition and Multiple Constraints on a Statistical Learner


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